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Sometimes you don't have time or enough room to store a different tool for each task.

Now there's were a way for your one nice tool that you already have to do more tasks than just drilling!

TopNorth Tools Drill Saw Reciprocating Saw Attaches To Drill

This Drill Saw by TopNorth® Tools allows you to turn your regular drill into a reciprocating saw with interchangeable saws for pruning, sawing wood, or even sawing metal.

To use the reciprocating saw drill attachment, just attach the back of it into your drill like you would any normal drill bit, then attach the appropriate saw for usage to the front of the device.

As you pull the trigger to your drill, the saw will begin cutting. Use one hand on your drill, and one hand on the saw attachment for proper and safe use.

The Drill Saw is best used with drill with speeds of at least 2000 RPM, and for thicker wood your drill should be capable of speeds of up to 3000 RPM.

The TopNorth® Tools Drill Saw uses a 9mm drill bit attachment that goes into your drill, comes with a hex-key wrench to lock the saw blades in place into the saw attachment, is blue in color, and comes with 3 different blades depending on your task!

  • A reciprocating saw that attaches to your drill
  • Comes with 3 different blades (pruning, wood, metal)
  • Connects to your drill like a drill bit
  • Uses a 9mm drill bit attachment
  • Best used with drill of at least 2,000 RPM
  • Blue in color
  • Comes with a hex key wrench to attach blades

Blade sizes:
Pruning blade = 23.5 cm
Wood blade = 15 cm
Metal blade = 11 cm

Package Includes:
1 x reciprocating saw drill attachment
1 x Hex key wrench
3 x Saw blades

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